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Revolution: The sixties and now.
by Josh Chicarelli

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately from the 60s. Everything from Jefferson Airplane, to the Beatles, to Grateful Dead, etc. And I’ve been reading up a lot on the 60s and I started thinking back over the past decade and noticed several startling parallels between then and now. In the 60s, they had so many grassroot movements starting up in opposition to the Vietnam War and all the scandals of the White House. Guess what! In the past decade, we seen that same kind of mentality arise in my generation. Even with help from those from that generation. We oppose the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which are still going on. Many have called both the “New Vietnam”. In the 1960s, you saw an uprising of newfound artistic freedom and creativity with the music and culture as a whole. We’re seeing that again now as musicians are stepping outside their genres and fusing them together to create new sounds. Also, the cultural landscape is changing faster than ever with the rise of alternative media taking over from the corporate media which was the “norm.” Back in the 60s, you had the civil rights movement marching for equal rights and nowadays, non-white citizens are now being taken seriously as possible Presidential candidates. You had Richard Nixon in the 60s showing the corruption of the government when the Watergate scandal hit and now there’s scandal after scandal coming out and the people are getting fed up with it! A revolution is happening right now, just like in the 60s.

When it comes to the grassroot movements like the 60s had with the Acid Tests. Now we’re on the verge of almost having marijuana legalized. Back then, you had the marches in Washington D.C., which we have now. But you also see the Libertarians start up the Tea Party movement (before the Republicans hijacked it), and more importantly We Are Change. Both with the intent to stop over taxation and to stop the covering up of government lies. Hippies are also making a big return across the country. Now outside the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco as more people of my generation are looking back and discovering the works of people like Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, Phillip K. Dick, among others. I mean, hell, even the Beatles are making a comeback, almost 40 years after they broke up with the re-releases of their albums selling and the Beatles: Rock Band video game opening up new generations to 60s counterculture. Right now, in my illogic, it’s like “What if the 1960s fucked the start of the new millennium and had a bastard child? This period in time would be that bastard child.” Dissent and distrust towards the government is rising more and more every day, just as it had in the 60s, and right now people like me, Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, Webster Tarpley, George Noory, Luke Rudowski, Mark Dice, my chicka Roxy Lopez, and others are right in the middle of it leading the way.

I mean, last year, we even got to see the reunion of Cheech and Chong, and Sublime (with Rome)! Even two of the biggest movies in the past decade were stoner movies featuring the characters of Harold and Kumar. It’s like the 60s for the new age! I mean, shit! Just look at the new Alice in Wonderland movie. That was like an acid trip to hell and back. Then we have Thompson’s Rum Diary hitting theaters soon as well. So it looks like the counterculture is becoming the mainstream and the mainstream is becoming the old hat.

….After a statement like that, I wouldn’t know how to end this blog so I repeat it again. Right now it looks like the counterculture is becoming the mainstream and the mainstream is becoming the old hat.

this is totally true. 🙂