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Indulging Oneself!

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I was reading my psych book about stress for the quiz, which I got a 22 on! Yay! But that’s not my point…
Something caught my eye…
Here’s the passage…

“Stress sometimes leads to reduced impulse control, or self-indulgence. When troubled by stress, many people engage in excessive or unwise patterns of eating, drinking, smoking, using drugs, spending money, and so forth. It makes sense that when things are going poorly in one areas of their lives, people may try to compensate by pursuing substitute forms of satisfaction.”

And I agree.
The first time I used self-indulgence was my senior year and I ate a whole lot. I thought to myself, “I am much stronger than that.” But it turns out I was as weak as the next person. But it felt so good to eat how much I did that I did that for about 4 days or so. Then I stopped because I realized that wasn’t the way to go. All I will do is just get fat, even thought that was something I really needed, that was still not the way to go because I thought I was going to get addicted to food.

“Thus, it’s not surprising that studies have linked stress to increase in eating, smoking, and consumption of alcohol and drugs.

A new manifestation of this coping strategy that attracted much attention recently is the tendency to immerse oneself in the online world of the Internet. Kimberly Young has described a syndrome called Internet addiction, which consists of spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet and inability to control online use. People who exhibit this syndrome tend to feel anxious, depressed, or empty when they are not online. Their internet use is so excessive, it begins to interfere with their functioning at work, at school, or at home, which leads victims to start concealing the extent of their dependence on the Internet. It’s difficult to estimate the prevalence of Internet addiction, but the syndrome does not appear to be rare. Research suggest that Internet is not limited to shy male computer whizzes, as one might expect. Although there’s active debate about wisdom characterizing excessive Internet surfing as an addiction, It’s clear that this new coping pattern is likely to become increasingly common.”

Well, this is an iffy subject for me.
I mean some people are not addicted to the Internet, but addicted to the computer! But like the only fun thing to do on the computer is get on the Internet! Or playing games too! And don’t forget listening to music too!
But I would agree and know why they do that. But I also have another theory instead of that one.

The Internet works as something that would numb the stress, and by that I mean you forget about it for a little while. It’s kind of like a cocaine addiction. The more you use it, the more you forget about your stress and sometimes even the real world. So you are conditioned to think that it works and you deceptively actually think it does. That’s why it’s called an addiction, not because you compensate for something, but because it acts as a buffer, and you start to think you need that buffer, and that’s how you can get addicted to the Internet and the computer.
I guess I would know because I think I do have it, not the internet addiction, but the computer addiction.
“People who exhibit this syndrome tend to feel anxious, depressed, or empty when they are not online.”
A few days ago, I was cleaning all day, so I didn’t get to go on the computer all day, and when I realized that, I became a little depressed. And I realized that I was depressed, and I thought there was nothing I could do except to get on the computer. But I know I took a wrong action by actually getting on!

It’s really hard to believe that people before us actually lived without computer and the Internet and television and cell phones, too.

If God is good, then why is there so much conflict?

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i would like answer this question…

God is not good
God is not bad
but God is fair
and God is wise

we may not know why we do things
we may not know why things are there
but its there for a reason,
thats all you need to say
its there for a reason

without conflict, there would be no wars
without conflict, the world will be always at peace
without conflict, people would have nothing to live for
without conflict, people would have nothing to die for
without conflict, there would be a lot less words in our vocab
without conflict, the world would be boring

if everyone in the world was the same, everyone would walk the same
if everyone in the world was the same, everyone would talk the same
if everyone in the world was the same, everyone would have the same face
if everyone in the world was the same, there would be no wars, no conflicts
if everyone in the world was the same, no one would stand out and be different
if everyone in the world was the same, the world would be dark and gray
if everyone in the world was the same, the world would be a boring place

a world without conflict and all the people the same!
what a world that would be! huh?

We all have to look a certain way, huh?

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We all have to look a certain way, dont we?
You have to be perfect…
You have to have the perfect hair, the perfect teeth, the perfect weight, the perfect size…
Otherwise you won’t get the perfect guy to fall for you…
Oh is that right? And what if there’s no such thing as perfect …
Then how does that work?
Perfection only in heaven that everything is perfect and we are not in heaven
Even though people know that, they still stive for it
You have to look a certain way to look beautiful….
Girls put on make up… and they want to lose weight…
Girls in movies have big breats… and big breats are beautiful…
Or so guys say… right?
Its not only in girls too though….
Guys have to have a six pack…
Or so girls say… right?
And what is this all for?
to be “hot”… could someone please give me the definition of “hot”?
We all are flawed, that’s a part of life… and there’s nothing we could do about it…
We have to learn to accept our flaws and learn to love ourselves, even though we are flawed…
It gets so pathetic when people get so blind….
People only judge on the outside….
I would rather be known for my wisdom or kindness or even intelligence…
Looks after a while fade… and what will guys do after that?
When guys look at me, they just turn their heads….
They don’t take the time to get to know me better…
You know the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
If you look again and take one better look at me… you will see the real me…
The real me is wise
The real me is kind
The real me is smart
People don’t see that … because the concepts are abstract…
Everyone is different… and everyone is not you….
I am actually happy that we are not all the same… life would have been so boring….
We shouldn’t try to change that… that we are flawed…
Because if we are not flawed, then we wouldn’t have any flaws to work on…
People try to generalize other people… you can’t put people in categories…
So next time you see someone who you think is “ugly,” please look past that and remember that every person is different and a world with same-ness would be a very boring world.

The Concept of “Emo”

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“Emo” is short for emotional
There’s nothing wrong with being emotional…
If that’s who you are, then be proud…
You stand out…. That’s all you do….
You don’t cut…. That’s only what the media says…
This society doesn’t work with emotional
They work with intelligence…
And the media doesn’t want people to stand out
That’s why they attack you…. And label you “emo”
So there’s nothing wrong with being “emo”
If you are emo, flaunt it and just don’t care!

I still believe God does everything for a reason!

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I believe God does everything for a reason.
We humans are just too blind to see it right now.

One reason I picked french over spanish was because spanish is a stupid language. jk.

even though french is not used much today, i still like it…
i learned to love french and love the culture there

i was always asking myself why did i move to peurto rico?
If u don’t know, in peurto rico, they speak spanish.
i didnt pick spanish up as fast as my sister did.
so i decided to hate the lanuage and not persue it.
God was pushing me away from spanish.

so my freshmen year of high school, i started out in latin,
when mom found out it was a dead lanuage, i changed my mind,
thanks to my mom.
so i went to french because i had no other choice but german and spanish.
i didnt like that i chose french until i met phil in my class…
well we didnt actually meet, but thats a different story.

so last semster, i racking my brain, trying to figure out why was i not accepted because i believed there was a reason.

And now I finally know what the reason is…
If I had taken french 203, I would have taken it last semester, and would never have met richard.
Richard taught me to love myself, something I have been struggling with for years and years.
I believe God wanted me to meet him and that was why I dropped math and ended up 3 credits short and had to stay the whole semester at home.

There might be something else, something even bigger, but that’s all I could see right now…

i was in wisconsin for my senior year and for my first year of college…
and so my senior year, i was applying for colleges and my guidance counselor just mentioned i could go to university of wisconsin – madison (the best college in the state) if i get 24 transferable credits in the university of wisconsin-waukesha. i applied there.

and later i wanted to apply to university of wisconsin -milwaukee.
i got into waukesha, but not milwaukee and i was sad i didnt get into milwaukee. so i went to waukesha.

summer came and i decide to take classes in waukesha to be able to transfer them to wvu.

i met an egyptian professor 3 months before his class that i took during the summer and he was nice and want me to take up his class. so he was giving a class during the summer.

i knew nothing about the class, but i said what the hey, i will take it anyway. the class was sociology 101 and i just fell in love with the class. its my major right now.

so now i know why i went to waukesha and not milwaukee and very grateful to God, too.

i believe God wanted me to pick sociology as a major and that’s why i went to waukesha instead of milwaukee. i still can’t see why but i still believe theres a reason.

Give Me Respect!

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its true! so true! so true!

i have always wondered why God put the rule:
women have to wear the scarf

i finally found out why…

u know how shuttles have the machine where it takes the money or the id
well when i was going through the machine…
my backpack is so huge… and i almost got stuck in the machine…
sounds funny i know… but it did happen…
this guy was passing by and saw me and he asked me if i was ok….
and i said yes and nodded…
i didnt have to say that i was muslim or anything…

people respect you more if you have the scarf on then if u dont
guys dont think you are sex objects if you have the scarf on
guys are not likely to call you a slut or a hoe if you have the scarf on
guys are not distracted from their work if you wear the scarf
you get treated like a person rather than a lady, if you wear the scarf
if you hide your stuff, it entices the imagination… instead of it being all there,
you have some imagination…

its so true! people respect you more if you wear the scarf!

Come on people! Think for yourself for once!

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Stereotypes are generalizations, or assumptions, sometimes based on projection, that people make about the characteristics of all members of a group, based on an image about what people in that group are like. The image is often wrong and doesn’t take one person into account. It can lead to prejudice and might even lead to discrimination. There are stereotypes about every culture and every religion in the world, the Indians, the Asians, the English, the French. But the most common stereotyped people today is the Muslim people.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. If one did research about Islam, one will find that out.  If one does research about Islam and listens to what the media, like television, says about Islam, they will find two completely different images. One very common image that the media portrays the Muslims as terrorists. We carry bombs and we do all the killings. From these images on televison, people create negative stereotypes about Islam and the Muslim people as a whole.

Now people think that Muslims are terrorist and they think that Muslims are bad people. They follow what the Qur’an says, so the Qur’an must preach violence. They see the women wearing the hijab and “restricting” their freedom to show off their bodies. And they don’t see any women going to drunken parties and having boyfriends and having fun in the streets. So people think the women are oppressed and they should be “freed” from that oppression. They look at images on the television and see how “poor” the Arab world is and think there’s no schools and everyone is running in the streets. And so they make the conclusion that no one is learning anything, especially women. They think that Islam doesn’t believe in Jesus, peace on him, since Islam doesn’t believe that he is the son of God or anything.

And one has an identity and one forms that identity by identitying against. To identify against, first we define the “other” and then we define themselves as “not the other.” People believe that the Muslims ar terrorists and carry bombs and people are not terrorist and people don’t carry bombs.

            These are some of the stereotypes the Islam as a religion has.

All Muslim women are oppressed.

To tell you the truth, Muslim women are not oppressed.

If Muslim women are so oppressed, then why dont they just convert to another religion?
            Yes, Muslims don’t drink at bars and women wear the scarf, but Muslims believe that God put those rules for a reason. Muslims believe that God doesn’t want us to be tempted to do bad stuff. If you take away the temptation, you’re not tempted. Why does He put the temptation there in the first place? He wants to see if people like us will listen to Him.

Muslims are freed from having to make bad decision that will sometimes change their lives, like drinking. When people drink, they very often lose control of themselves and they could do stuff that are uncalled for, and on top of that, alcohol gives you a lot of problems in the future. One does get addicted to alcohol, so one spends a lot of money on alcohol. If one drinks too much, one could pass out. If one drinks and drives, one could get into an accident. In the long run, alcohol causes so many health problems, one of them being liver damage. One’s liver is one of the most important organ in the body.

We pray five times a day, so that we could think of God all the time. Many Christians only go to church on Sunday and think of God only then. Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan from even before sunrise to sunset; one of the reasons is learn self control. Another reason is to feel what the poor people have and to think of food as a gift instead of a necessity, like people always do.  Muslim give alms, so that we don’t think we are the richest people. Greediness is common around people.

Muslims believe that God put rules. If you follow them, you will be saved, in this life and in the one after.


True feminists should work to free the Muslim women.


From what? There’s nothing to be freed from. We are not oppressed, so there’s not we need to be freed from. They are actually a lot happier than any other religion, because again, the temptation is taken away. They call Islam a backwards, tradition religion, but what is wrong with being traditional?
Muslim women are forced to cover their heads.



Wearing the hijab is in the Qur’an, but Muslims are not forced to do it. Our dads don’t have a gun at our heads saying that if we don’t do it, he will shoot. Not all the Muslim wear the hijab. The hijab takes commitment. One can not wear it one day and take it off the next.

 The hijab is a beautiful thing. One who wears it doesn’t have to worry about how their hair looks in the morning. But one who wear it should cover everything except their hand and face, unless their face is beautiful, then they also have to cover it. If you are beautiful, it’s better to hide it than show it off. When women are all out there showing everything, they are usually called sluts and whores and hoes. One who wears it gets a lot more respect than one who flaunts their stuff. Wearing the hijab doesn’t distract the guy from his work. Men actually get their work done instead of thinking about the women next to him. Men treat women who wear the hijab like a person, instead of being distracted by her beauty. Wearing the hijab is also an attitude and a behavior rather than only just a fashion statement.

The concept here is temptation, too. Men are tempted to pursue a woman by her beauty. Men are usually looking for a short term relationship after they pursue the woman.


Muslim women are generally not allowed to be educated.


That’s the silliest stereotype there is. It’s very hard for a Muslim to fathom how did that become a stereotype. Why would God not want Muslims women to be educated?  Education for Muslim women is no sin. Women have the same rights to be educated as men do. Muslim women do too. Women go to college and even pursue their own careers. Muslim women do too. Edcuation in the Arab world is a actually a duty. It’s a duty to educate men and women alike! Is that really hard to believe? In fact, my mom came all the way to the United States just for our education. Besides without education, where would Muslim women be?


Most Muslims support terrorism.

If you took a survey to give to all Muslims in the world and ask them this question, you will find that about 98% don’t support it. Muslims DON’T support terrorism. I don’t support terrorism. Heck! I didn’t even know the word existed before September 11, 2001. Muslim actually hate the word terrorism. It’s so overused. Thats is just the propaganda that is on the televsion trying to brainwash you folks to thinking that, to give the United States justification to go into Iraq. The United States is not at war with the religion. It is at war with one country, Iraq. They have something that the United States wants. So the United States gets jealous and makes up all these stories about the Muslim people. And people use to defense mechanism of projection. The government “hates” the Muslim people and so the United States “hates” the Muslim people. So in return, they think the Muslim people “hate” them, when it is completely the opposite.
Islam preaches voilence.



If Islam did preach violence, then why are Muslims on the news right now? Why werent Muslims on the news before September 11, 2001? If it did preach violence, we would have been on the news since television news started. And beside the literal translation ofthe word Islam is “peace and submission to God.” It preaches voilence and yet its the fastest growing religion in the world. Come on, people, think!
Islam and Christianity have no common beliefs.



Islam and Christianity both belief that there’s a God. They both know Jesus, peace on him, but Islam dont believe that he’s the son of God. If he was the son of God, that means God was married and He had kids. Thats the literal translation of the son of God. They both believe in Adam, peace on him, and Eve and Noah, peace on him, and the flood. They both believe in Moses, peace on him, and the ten commandment. They both believe in the end of the world and Judgement Day. They both believe in Abraham, peace on him, and his son and that he almost sacrificed his son because God told him to. Islam even had a day where we celebrate that day, which is the big Eid. So they have so many common beliefs.


So in conclusion, all these stereotypes are wrong and if one want to know the truth, one has to do his own research because not all what the media says is true. It doesn’t take a rocker scientist to figure out that Islam preaches violence or know that Muslim women are not getting educated are false. People need to start thinking for themselves and stop letting the media dicate to them what to think and how to react to it.