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Has it really gone?

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racism reborn

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and this is only the beginning!

What does American owe African Americans for Slavery and Genocide?

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Considering recent legislation in favor of reparations to blacks from corporations that have profited from financing slavery like JP Morgan Chase, Aetna and others, do you agree or disagree that modern African Americans deserve an apology for the wrongs committed against their ancestors during the slave trade in America?  Would you consider what happened to the slaves and those 6 million or more that were lost in the Atlantic during the Diaspora a genocide?
i dont think they want an apology…
apologizing will get us nowhere…
they just want to be treated as an equal…
is it really that hard to see what is going on and fix it?
racism reborn…
racism was always there….
in the 1700’s, 1800s and 1900s and today…
if u think about it, u will see it…
racism is a big black stain in Americas history…
not only Americas, but everywhere….
looking in the past will get us nowhere!