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Labels In Society

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Labels in Society
Society is the most important thing in order to assess the social norms
They are the people who are Mindless who set these social norms
They use Labels in order to make society much easier on their part
And because of these labels, most people are Asleep because there is no effort on their part
And since no effort is made, there is a bad label on the people 
They deal with them with a Snobbish and arrogant attitude,
They believe in the label or the stereotype so much they are in Debt to it
They don’t Remember who they are dealing with, and those are people
Labels in society make people Incompetent because it makes them not want to put any effort

Being different and people who discourage it!

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i like this video!

she  IS absolutely right and i am trying to tell the world that… because i truly believe that… truly believe that it IS better to be yourself and be who you are than to fake something and pretend that you are something else just to please others….