Stereotypes of Islam

most common stereotypes here in america are:

muslims are terrorist
if they are not terrorist, then they support terrorism
muslim women are oppressed
islam preaches violence
muslims are forced to make the non muslims convert
muslims are fantics
muslims are irrational
God commanded the muslims to kill all the infidels
its a holy religious duty to kill all the infidels
muslims are billionares who dont know what to do with their money
islam’s holiest number is 666
women are treated worse in eastern countries than in the western countries
islam is an miliant evil ideology
islam is facism
islam is a sham
muslim men are evil
the qur’an is filled with numerous verses that urges the muslims to terrorize the non muslims, kill them, and possess their land and property.
murder, looting, and rape are all eternal laws of Allah
muslim women are generally not allowed to be educated
muslim is a seperate race
being anti muslim is the same as being racist
muslims, christians, and jews have no common beliefs
muslims, christians, and jews dont believe in the same God

and theses are only the ones i have heard.

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