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Women in the west are treated better?

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In the west, yes, women are treated a great deal better, but if the west were to come under Sharia law as the Koran demands, I feel absolutely certain this would change quickly. I don’t say this because I believe all Muslim men are evil. I say it because of human nature and the nature of power, whether in the hands of men or of women.

“In the west, yes, women are treated a great deal better”, well, that is a completely untrue statement. There are more rape and cruelty against women in west than in any other muslim countries. In west rape cases are not given any importance because they are considered as part of society. According to UN in USA alone there are more than 50000 rape cases.

Whereas in muslim countries due to Sharia Law these numbers are very low. Iam not saying these crimes are not taking place in muslim countries as always there are “black sheeps” in every community and we should not point finger on any religion due to few of these criminals.

Yes, Muslims don’t drink at bars and women wear the scarf, but Muslims believe that God put those rules for a reason. Muslims believe that God doesn’t want us to be tempted to do bad stuff. If you take away the temptation, you’re not tempted. Why does He put the temptation there in the first place? He wants to see if people like us will listen to Him.

Muslims are freed from having to make bad decision that will sometimes change their lives, like drinking. When people drink, they very often lose control of themselves and they could do stuff that are uncalled for, and on top of that, alcohol gives you a lot of problems in the future. One does get addicted to alcohol, so one spends a lot of money on alcohol. If one drinks too much, one could pass out. If one drinks and drives, one could get into an accident. In the long run, alcohol causes so many health problems, one of them being liver damage. One’s liver is one of the most important organ in the body.
does that sound like someone who is very happy?

Yes all muslim men are evil…. and all christian men, and jew and hindu men and even the chinese and the japanese, and the english and the french and the egyptian and the israeli men and the omg! even men from the united states! all the men of the world are evil, even women from japan and china and korea and laos, even vietnam, and russia and the german, the spanish and even omg! even in the US!
even little children are evil too.
because come on, even you should know this… even the declaration of independence said it…
“we hold this truths to be self-evident; that ALL men are created equal,” so we all have good intentions and bad intentions, so to say that just one kind of people is evil is mispeaking and it would be prejudice against that kind of people.
yes but 10 years ago, when someone would have asked you about islam and where is was practiced, you would have said indian and moved on… you would have probably known nothing about the shari’a law or stuff like that.

oh the irony!!! the most unreligious country attacks the most religious part of the world…
and its using the freedoms and the so called lack of freedoms against them…

How do stereotypes create prejudice or even discrimination in today’s society?

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I saw someone post this question and i would love to address that…

“to be prejudice is to have a negative attitude that is held toward members of a group…
like other attitudes it has three components:
belief: all indians are alcoholics, muslims are terrorist, african americans are gangsters
emotions: i hate jews, i loathe asians, i despise iraqis
behavorial dispositions: i would never hire a mexican, i would never sit with an african american, if my kid was a lesbian, i would kill her.

prejudices are not limited to racial groups. women, homosexuals, the aged, the disabled, and the mentally ill are also targets for prejudices. even cliques at schools are targets too. thus many people hold prejudicial attitudes toward one group or another, and many have been victims of prejudice.

prejudice may lead to discrimination, which involves behaving differently, usually unfairly, toward members of a group.”

processes that promote prejudices…
where do we get most of our stereotypes from?
if you think about it for a sec, you will realize that almost everyone in the US has a television.
and so almost everyone watches it.
theres so much, these days, about how muslims are terrorists and about how muslims are commanded to kill the “infidel”, so i believe we get most of our stereotypes from the media.

why is stereotyping so easy to promote?
i have two reasons…
the media takes advantage of the fact that people are ignorant…
they have no prior knowledge of the subject… they won’t know if it’s right or wrong…
some people are like sheep and believe what the media tells them… 
so the people in the media say, “lets give them the knowledge, and they will believe anythin we say. they wont know if it’s right or wrong.”
this is the most obvious way of the promoting the stereotypes of islam.

and one of the reasons is fear…
when people are afraid of something, they tend to keep away from it.
my impression is that racist people are afraid that african americans will rob them.
people are afraid to admit that they are gays because they are afraid to be hated on by their family and friends and society.
people are afraid to admit that they are ocd or schizophernic because of the stigma that the mentally ill have…
people are afraid to be identified as muslim because of the stigma that the muslims have

“according to the social identity perceptive, self esteem depends on both personal and social identity. social identity refers to the pride derive from membership in various groups. the theory purposes that self esteem can be undermined by either threat to personal identity or social identity. threats to both personal and social identity may motivate efforts to restore self esteem, but threats to social identity are more likely to provoke responses that promotes prejudices and discrimination. when social identity is threatened, individuals may react in two ways to bolster it. one common  response is to show ingroup favoritism, for example, tapping an ingroup member for a job opening, or rating the performance of an ingroup member higher than that of an outgroup member. a second common reaction is to engage in outgroup derogation, in other words, to “trash” outgroup that are perceived as threatening. outgroup derogation is more likely when people identify especially strongly with the threatened ingroup. when people degorate an outgroup, they tend to feel superior as a result, and this feeling helps to affirm self worth. these unfortunate reactions are not inevitable, but threats to social identity represent yet another dynamic process that can foster prejudice.”

note: the first part and the last part is from my psych book, the middle part is from me.