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Forms of Racism:

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genism, many forms of racism are actually subsets of genism, which is the judging of people based on their gene endowment. the purpose of life is to improve the quality of life for all, without sacrificing anyone.

specism, the ultimate form of racism is the belief that the human race is superior to other specism with whom we may not be able to mate- either animals or vulcans.

classism, sometimes people are judged inferior even though they look similar, come from similar place, and have the same beliefs. humans often arbitrarily create “races” among themselves, and reinforce these “races” with economic barriers. children who might have had a wonderful life have otherwise been sold into slavery, and subjected to rape and abuse, simple because their parents belong to a “class” judged to be “inferior’ according to the rules of the society.

geographic racism is the belief that people from other places are worse people than people from your place. geographic racism usually manifests itself as immigrant-bashing. even though the world comes with no God-given borders, most nations try to preven people from other parts of the world from immigrating. many reasons are given, such as economics, environment pressure, and public health. if these reasons were legitimate, then none of the european should have come to america.

ageism, it is a form of racism to draw conclusion about peoples rights, obligations, and their abilites based solely on their age. since its wrong to judge people based on their body, it is wrong to judge people based on the age of their body.

ableism, any one of us can become ill. it is racism of the healthy to look down on the ill. it is ableism to treat the ill with less than full respect. it is ableism to fail to give solidarity to the ill. never think you are better than someone else because you are healthy. you are just lucky.

ethnic racism is the belief that one set of cultural attributes is better than other cultural attributes. the ethnic racist fears communal living of different ethnic groups most because it blurs the distinctiveness of the geographic ethnicity. ethnic racism is evil because it causes great pain an suffering to people our of simple intolerance to different way of living.

epidermal racism is the belief that one range of skin tones is better that other ranges of skin tones. the epidermal racist fears intermarrige most because it destroys the seperateness of the skin tones. epidermal racism is stupid because it presumes there is some connection between skin-tone and behavior.