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One of my favorite part of Heroes!

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HRG walks in the room and turns on the light. All the walls are gray. it looks like a prison cell, there’s only one big window in the room, the only contact to the outside world. HRG is behind it, to keep him safe. He walks to the middle of the window, where Sylar could clearly see who he was.

You lost a lot of blood.
We sewed you up the best we could.

Sylar wakes up, looks around, and he finds himself in the bed of a tiny room where all the walls are gray, and looks straight on to see the only person who is standing behind the window, looking in, is the one and only HRG.

Turns out you’re not so untouchable after all.

(Sylar takes the covers of the bed off him with one swing. He is looking straight ahead to look at HRG. He looks confused, but angry.)

Oh, no.
No,you’ll find your abilities won’t work.
Not here.

(a bit scornful)
You’re not going anywhere, Gabriel.

Sylar: (calm)
My name is Sylar.

Now it is.
Wasn’t so long ago that you were Gabriel Gray.

Sylar gets out of bed very slowly, wincing, looks like he’s in pain . He is looking down.

An insignificant watchmaker.

Sylar :
I restored timepieces.

Sylar looks up, angry at what HRG said. But his voice doesnt show it. His face does.

Do you know why I was so good at it?

No, why don’t you tell me.

Sylar starts walking around the bed.

Sylar :
Because I can see how things work.
What makes things

(sylar stops walking)

Like you.

HRG has a smug smile on his face.

We’re interested in how things work as well.
Everyone else we’ve…met has had only one ability.
You’ve taken on several.

Sylar :
I guess that’s what makes me special.

That’s important to you, isn’t it?
Being special.

Sylar :
It’s important to everyone.

I think you’re insane.
I think the infusion of so many alterations to your DNA
has corrupted your mind.
All this power is degrading you.

Sylar starts limping, up to the window.

Sylar :
And yet here I am, alive and well.
And as soon as I get out,
I’m gonna collect one more ability
from your daughter.

(HRG smug smile fades quickly)

Sweet, innocent.

(HRG looks angry)

That’s enough.

Ripe, indestructible.

I said that’s enough, Gabriel.

(Sylar gets very angry at HRG and throws himself against the window, with his hand up against the window and shouts at the top of his lungs)