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To Clique is to Stereotype

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and i am not talking about clicking the lights on or the television…
i am talking about cliques in school
theres a lot of stereotypes about cliques in school…
sorry if i offend anyone. i am truly not trying to offend anyone. i am just trying to show all the stereotypes that are associated with these cliques… and i know they are not true… but this is what i think about when you say these cliques…

nerds are supposed to be smart, always wearing glasses, girls always are in two pig tail braids, the glasses are usually black rimmed, they usually are awkward and clumsy, they are usually in love with the most popular guy in school, they usually are not dressed up in petite clothing, the are more concerned about getting good grades, they usually make all A’s, they usually dont date or are not dating anyone

jocks are supposed to be buff, tall, hot, big guys who are into sports, like football, basketball, or hockey, the head jock usually always get the head cheerleader and they usually slept with her, they are concerned about making the next touchdown, basket, or goal, the head of the team will always get into college with a scholarship,

cheerleaders are supposed to be skinny, bitchy. little, blonde. hot girls who wave pompoms in your face at pep rallies, they usually sleep around and they usually are dating the quarterback of the football team, they usually are airheads who dont know anything, they some of the time have people do they work for them, they are usually like the plastics in mean girls, and say “like” and “whatever” and “oh my God” a lot

bad boys are supposed to wear a black leather jacket, sometimes jean jacket will do, sometimes they wear gloves, most of the time he’s hot, they always have to act “cool,” otherwise people wont think they are cool, they always have to get in trouble to impress the girls, some of the time its them who has the girl, 

goths are supposed to wear mostly black, with black nail polish and black lipstick, and make up and pale white face, they are usually called emo, and girls usually wear tiny vests and leggings, they are usually dark and write a lot of poetry about dark stuff, they usually have piercings in places besides the ear, they dont always have visible art on their body, 

punks are supposed to be rather the same as goths, except they dont wear mostly black, they too wear the vest, they too write dark poetry and usually have piercing other than in the ear, they love to listen to hard rock music,

and again this post is not here to offend anyone, i am just trying to show the stereotypes…
and every public school has them, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the nerds,
but if u strip them down to their undies, you will see that they are human, just like everyone else,
i didnt like “stick to the status quo” in high school musical, because it shows all the stereotypes of the cliques, but i do like it because people are trying to break free of these stereotypes…

i am trying to show that there are stereotypes for cliques and i really dont think its fair when you say nerd and cheerleader, you get two completely different images in your mind.

you cant categorize people based on what they wear or how they look and get the whole picture of who they are… maybe someone is a nerd, but they secretly take karate classes… and you will never know because you didn’t take the time to get to know them…


How do stereotypes create prejudice or even discrimination in today’s society?

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I saw someone post this question and i would love to address that…

“to be prejudice is to have a negative attitude that is held toward members of a group…
like other attitudes it has three components:
belief: all indians are alcoholics, muslims are terrorist, african americans are gangsters
emotions: i hate jews, i loathe asians, i despise iraqis
behavorial dispositions: i would never hire a mexican, i would never sit with an african american, if my kid was a lesbian, i would kill her.

prejudices are not limited to racial groups. women, homosexuals, the aged, the disabled, and the mentally ill are also targets for prejudices. even cliques at schools are targets too. thus many people hold prejudicial attitudes toward one group or another, and many have been victims of prejudice.

prejudice may lead to discrimination, which involves behaving differently, usually unfairly, toward members of a group.”

processes that promote prejudices…
where do we get most of our stereotypes from?
if you think about it for a sec, you will realize that almost everyone in the US has a television.
and so almost everyone watches it.
theres so much, these days, about how muslims are terrorists and about how muslims are commanded to kill the “infidel”, so i believe we get most of our stereotypes from the media.

why is stereotyping so easy to promote?
i have two reasons…
the media takes advantage of the fact that people are ignorant…
they have no prior knowledge of the subject… they won’t know if it’s right or wrong…
some people are like sheep and believe what the media tells them… 
so the people in the media say, “lets give them the knowledge, and they will believe anythin we say. they wont know if it’s right or wrong.”
this is the most obvious way of the promoting the stereotypes of islam.

and one of the reasons is fear…
when people are afraid of something, they tend to keep away from it.
my impression is that racist people are afraid that african americans will rob them.
people are afraid to admit that they are gays because they are afraid to be hated on by their family and friends and society.
people are afraid to admit that they are ocd or schizophernic because of the stigma that the mentally ill have…
people are afraid to be identified as muslim because of the stigma that the muslims have

“according to the social identity perceptive, self esteem depends on both personal and social identity. social identity refers to the pride derive from membership in various groups. the theory purposes that self esteem can be undermined by either threat to personal identity or social identity. threats to both personal and social identity may motivate efforts to restore self esteem, but threats to social identity are more likely to provoke responses that promotes prejudices and discrimination. when social identity is threatened, individuals may react in two ways to bolster it. one common  response is to show ingroup favoritism, for example, tapping an ingroup member for a job opening, or rating the performance of an ingroup member higher than that of an outgroup member. a second common reaction is to engage in outgroup derogation, in other words, to “trash” outgroup that are perceived as threatening. outgroup derogation is more likely when people identify especially strongly with the threatened ingroup. when people degorate an outgroup, they tend to feel superior as a result, and this feeling helps to affirm self worth. these unfortunate reactions are not inevitable, but threats to social identity represent yet another dynamic process that can foster prejudice.”

note: the first part and the last part is from my psych book, the middle part is from me.