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Chris Crocker makes his point!

Posted in chris crocker, gay isnt an adjective, homophobia with tags , , , , , , , , on May 27, 2008 by sweetangel16175

the video that i wanna share with you all is titled:
when people say, “that’s so gay.”
please no hate comments!

soemthing that has always pissed me off,
and not because i am a gay person, its because i am a smart person,
because it doesnt make sense when people say it,
when people say, “that’s so gay.”

it sends off a red flag in my mind, and it really makes me feel bad for this generation.
honestly, when i see a five year old say, “thats so gay,” i want to kill, i will say it, to kill the person who taught them to say that.
it’s not only subconciously spreading homophobia,
but its pretty hypocritial when people say, “no, i like gay people,” but they still say it,
because when you say it, you say it as if, you speak about something negatively,
you’re sending a negative connotation, like, “that’s so gay.”
you’re speaking about something you don’t like, right?
ok then think about the word you are using in place of “thats so awful,” “thats so ugly,” “thats so whatever.”
you get the message. ok?

not only that, but it just doesnt make sense. gay isnt an adjective. i just feel so bad for this generation.
and the last person that said around me ended up in a mental institution, because i called the mental institution on them and said, “this person looked at a CD today, and this hallucinated and saw a gay person.”
i mean, when people are looking at a grapefruit, it could be any inaminite object, and they say, “that is so gay,” theres a problem, people. there’s a problem when you look at a grapefruit, and say that’s so gay.

because, you know what? you straight people have had your fun for way to long, i think its time for everyone to stand up and say, “thats so straight,” and not about the good things, about the negative things, because you know what? i am not afraid to say this. its the straight people, that are this country’s problem.
look at the president, that’s all i got to say.

this country is so straight that it makes me sick. maybe if this country was a little bit more gay, then we would be so screwed up right now. so everyone when you see something negative, say “that’s so straight.” ok?