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two words… that i still dont get why they even have them…
the stereotype of beauty is being skinny…
eating disorders are severe disturbances in eating behavior characterized by peroccupation with weight concerns and unhealthy effort to control weight. the vast majority of cases consist of two sometimes overlapping sydromes: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

anorexia nervosa involves intense fear of gaining weight, disturbed body image, refusal to maintain normal body weight, and dangerous measures to lose weight. two subtypes have been observed. in restricting type anorexia nervosa, people drastically reduce their food intake, sometimes literally starving themselves. in binge-eating/purging type anorexia nervosa, individuals attempt to lose weight by forcing themselves to to vomit after meals, by misusing laxatives and diuretics, and by engaging in excessive exercise

both types suffer from distrubed body image. no matter how frail they become, they insist that they are too fat. their morbid fear of obesity means that they are never satisified with their weight. if they gain a pound or two, they panic. the only thing that makes them happy is to lose more weight. the frequent result is the relentless decline in body image; people who are entering treatment for anorexia nervosa are typically 25-30% below the normal weight. because of their disturbed body image, individuals suffering from anorexia nervosa generally do not appreciate the maladaptive quality of their behavior and rarely seek treatment on their own. they are typically coaxed or coerced into treatment by friends or family member who is alarmed by their appearence.

anorexia nervosa eventually leads to a cascade of medical problems, including amenorrhea, loss of menstrual cycles, gastronintesinal problems, low blood pressure, osteroporosis, and metabolic disturbances that can lead to cardic arrest or circulatory collapse. anorexia is a serious illness that leads to death in 5-10% of patients.

bulimia nervosa involves habitually engaging in out-of control overeating followed by unhealthy compensatory efforts, such as selfinduced vomiting, fasting, abuse of laxatives and diuretics, and excessive exercise. the eating binges are usually carried out in secret and are followed by intense guilt and conern about gaining weight. these feelings motivate ill advised strategies to undo the effects of overeating. however vomiting prevents absorption of only about half of the recent consumed food, and the laxative and diuretics have negligible impact on caloric intake, so individuals suffering from bulimia nervosa typically maintain a reasonably normal weight. medical problems associated with bulimia nervosa include cardic arrythmia, dental problems, metabolic deficiencies, and gastrointestinal problems.

obviously bulimia nervosa shares many features with anorexia nervosa, such as a morbid fear of becoming obese, preoccupation with food, and a rigid maladaptive approaches to controlling weight that are grounded in naive all-or-none thinking. however the sydromes also differ in crucial ways. first and foremost, bulimia is a much less life-threatening conidition. second, although their appearance is usually more normal than seen with anorexia, people with bulimia are much more likely to recognize that their eating behavior is pathological and are more likely to cooperate with treatment

so where in the torah, the bible, or the qur’an does it say that fat people are ugly or skinny people are beautiful? thin is not the new beautiful. i hate it when people think like that. young women are comparing themselve to the girls in the media. otherwise they wont get men to love then. look at queen latifah, shes big and beautiful and a successful woman.

beauty should come from within because, as i said earlier looks fade very easily. we dont have to look a certain way to be beautiful because we are all beautiful in our own way. i think people who are anorexic and bulimic should try to focus more on their intelligence and kindness because in the end only those two things will matter more, much, much more than beauty.

“in the end, only kindness matters.”