Prop 8

You are a bigot or ignorant if you vote yes on Prop 8. Here’s why.

First of all, I’d like to say I’m shocked and appalled by this proposition.  To think, in a time after civil rights have been won and equality for everyone is supposed to be, I can turn on my television and see right wing extremists posting commercials that schools by law must teach children about gay marriage, or that telling children that gays exist is somehow a bad thing and these people should be swept under the rug is beyond words.  I’m ashamed of my state, and I’m ashamed of the 48% of California who are about to be defeated by this proposition failing.

1. This proposition was made by religious extremists.  They are religious extremists, this proposition was put forward by ADF an extremist Christian group of lawyers that purports that the U.S. government is against the church and demands religion be taught in schools, and posting in every government building.  Before this league of hate was formed, they didn’t classify as a group and were known as the LDS, or the layman would know them as the “Mormon Church”.  This same group had to be sanctioned in 1978 by the U.S. supreme court to stop their discrimination against blacks.  Now they’ve returned to discriminate against gays and lesbians by hiding behind their newly formed goon squad of lawyers, the ADF.

2. They claim that children -will- be taught in schools about gay marriage and this is a fact because its “already happened in Massachusetts.”  There is extremely limited information about whether this is actually being taught at length to any students in Massachusetts aside from a few isolated incidents sensationalized by the ADF.  Moreover, the California education system is run completely differently than Massachusetts.  Teaching in the classroom is determined by the California Education Code, Teachers Association, and Parent involvement.  If our students are taught gay marriage its because our educators, legislators and overall parents believe it needs to be taught.  This means 66% of the power comes from you as a voter.  You vote the legislators in, and the PTA has a voice in what’s taught.  End of story.

3.  Another argument made by the ADF is that children can’t “opt out” of this instruction.  I’ve already established that this instruction doesn’t exist unless teachers, legislators and parents want it, but I’ll address this anyway.  This has already been disproven by a press release by the school who hosted the field trip found here.  This footage is shocking, be warned but please note that TWO students did opt out of this education, contrary to what the ADF would have you believe.  In every educator I know, every student I know and my experience, marriage was taught very little, if at all.  It was so minor neither I nor any student I’m familiar with has any recollection of any marital education.  Its a sidebar and mentioning that gay marriage exists and happens isn’t something students should get opted out of.  Students aren’t taught anything more than it exists.  Similar arguments like this have been used by religious nuts whenever something new and scary comes around, like interracial marriage.  Its not different, its the same.

4. The scary argument by the ADF is that churches might lose their tax exemptions if this proposition fails.  The document they cite to support this says that if a Church is to become overly involved in governmental politics they can lose their tax exemptions.  This is true whether gays can or can’t marry, it has nothing to do with the argument.

5.  The ADF claims that the 4 extremist judges were wrong for overturning the voters decision and “ignored” their wishes.  This is blatantly false as anyone who has remotely read the transcripts from this case can tell you.  It was at the heart of the debate.  The simple fact is if the people want something that is unconstitutional, the justice system has an obligation to fix it, regardless of the people’s wishes.  Remember at one point we wanted slaves, then we wanted separate by equal.  Other extremist judges?  Brown v. The Board of Education, Roe v. Wade.  These are taught to children as the pinnacle of our accomplishments as a fair and just society.  I salute these judges for doing the right thing and making one more page in history against oppression.

6. Lastly, the ADF purports that according to the law churches can be sued for bigotry against certain groups.  In the court case that overturned the 2000 anti-gay legislation, it was specifically stated that there would be no sanctions to churches or any other religious groups for beliefs that conflicted with the right to gay marriage.  Forget the countless court cases that have ruled for churches under the protection of the first amendment rights.  As a matter of fact these laws protecting churches are so extreme and overprotective that churches like the Westboro Baptist Church can tell grieving mothers of killed soldiers that their sons are burning in hell at their son’s funerals.  Churches are in no danger from prop 8 failing.

Do the right thing.  Stop being a dumbass and see this legislation for what it is.  Vote no, and be a part of the group that 30 years from now people will look back and say “they had the right idea”, not the group of racists and bigots that fought against fundamental human rights.

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