Did Obama buy the election?

I saw this in an ad…

As everyone knows, Barack Obama has spent excessive amounts of money on his presidential campaign, with a total at least doubling that of John McCain’s. Barack Obama took out ads in video games, and even had a special 30 minute infomercial broadcasted just for this 2008 presidential election. Obama is trying desperately to reach out to young voters and minority voters, but there gets to a point when you’ve gone too far. If you have to spend hundreds or billions of dollars to get elected, is it really about politics, or does it just come down to popularity and riches? Barack Obama was spending at a rate close to $91 million in just two weeks, where John McCain was only spending a mere $22 million in a two week period. 
Why did Barack Obama spend so much money during this election, when John McCain spent bushels less? Did Obama buy the election?

are people really that nit picky about the details or are the just being stupid?
no, obama did NOT buy the election and so what if he spent twice as many dollars as mccain?

One Response to “Did Obama buy the election?”

  1. sakina evans Says:

    No i dont think he bought the election he did what he had to do and thats why he is president. people should just get over it! and get ready for change in 2009.

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