How the Sun will rise in the west at the end of times!

its called pole shift… look it up!
the only reason we have science is prove that God exists.
the Qur’an says that on the last day, the sun will rise in the west!

1. During this time the two biggest planets in our solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, will be in line with each other. The gravitational effects of the two planets on the Sun will cause it to wobble during it’s pole shift. This can have huge effects on the magnitude of the CME’s the Sun will be tossing into space. The Earth regularly gets hit with small CME’s and research says that the increased magnitude of these CME’s are one of the major causes of global warming, and changes in the ecosystem.

2. Right now the Sun’s south magnetic pole is in line with the Earth’s north magnetic pole. Since opposites attract, the Sun, along with it’s gravitational influence from Saturn and Jupiter, may cause the Earth to switch magnetic poles too! With the magnetic field of the Earth switching in a matter of minutes, there can be huge disruptions in the Earth’s geological and ecological system. It can cause mass earthquakes and volcano eruptions all over the world. After it’s all done, compasses will point South, the Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. But remember, this is a magnetic switch only.

2 Responses to “How the Sun will rise in the west at the end of times!”

  1. hi according to you wich is the best place to be in this days and what days are more dangerous any ideas? where does this information in the coran say so? thanks

    • In the quran, there is no specific date when the last day will come…there are many signs of the day of judgment (last day)… The reason why the last day is not mentioned is because people will freak out just like how the mayans predicted the world will end on December 12,2012 (and we also need to be ready to go be judged by God at any moment) …there were many civilizations that predicted the world will end some time but only God knows if this is true or not…if you are wondering what are some signs of the last day look it up on google and you will find some…just to let you know some signs all ready have happened…

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