You tell me.

i found this article on another persons blog.

you tell me. is this fair?

“It seems that last night, my step brother, Creepy took some stranger home from the bars. Once they got to this kids house, the very dim witted Creepy was convinced by said stranger, to get out of the car where some other jack ass proceeded to pound his face in….with a shovel! Creepy never saw it coming but he’s a really tough kid and he immediately started to defend himself against a slew of other guys who just happened to be at this place quite conveniently where the stranger wanted to be dropped off.

Meanwhile, in the back seat, my other step brother, Creepy’s twin Brow was waking up to the tussle. He jumped in to defend his brother.

…and this is where I stop the recount of what happened to let you all in on a dirty little secret. I live in Indiana in a piece of shit town in the Midwest of the United States where it’s illegal to be Hispanic. Oh, no, wait, I got that wrong, I mean, where alot of the white folks around here would like to see it made illegal to be Hispanic…oh, and Black too, yeah that would be good for them.

It just so happens that there are certain groups of people in this here city that don’t take a liking to people of pigment and they are not afraid to make it known. Hell why would they be afraid. The police in these here parts has made it pretty damn clear that they believe there should be a racial war and they’ve made it clear whose side they are on.

I sound crazy, paranoid even…I know…but I’m not.

Back to the recounting of last night’s events…

Once the police arrive guess who gets carted off to jail? Is it the collection of crazy white kids with shovels? Nope, it’s the two Brown kids who got their asses kicked for being stupid enough to take a complete stranger home for the night.

The police officer says to Creepy something to the effect of “you Mexicans should have stayed where you come from.” Of course, to these uneducated morons think every Hispanic is a Mexican. How would you like it if we mistook you for a Canadian…you all look alike to me. Now that is offensive and I’m sorry. Because I don’t feel that way.

I hate racism. I hate that it’s so prevalent here and that it makes me feel so small and impotent. Why are people so stupid? What the hell is that cops problem? And a shovel? Really? Do you hate Brown people that much that you had to go and hit one of us with a shovel for no reason at all?

Senseless violence and pointless hatred. I don’t get it.”

i dont think its fair, the white kid should have gotten arrested.
if this was a white vs white, the kid with the shovel would have gotten arrest.

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