The French take over the United States!

so lets say…
within the next couple of years or so,
the French started to come gradually into the United States,
they have been planning this for years, 
and then they just decided they wanted to take back the Lousiana Purchase that we bought back in 1803,
and they started seizing it back,
saying that this is their land and they want it back,
and started occupy the land,
and i dont think we still have the document of the purchase,
they say its theirs, but we bought it from them a long time ago… 
and since we have no proof of that purchase they are going to take in back anyway,
and even if we did have it, they would go after it and try to destroy any proof,
and if you want to pass by to get to the other side of the US, you have to go though so many check points…
even to fly across the air, you would have to go through a check point.
lets say, the French destroyed all our military, and thats the first thing on their agenda to do, so that we cant fight back, and we have no military, and even if we try to build a military, the French would try to occupy washington to destroy it…
and then that would give Mexico license to go attack California, because our nation is divided, and we would end up like what we were like before the 1800’s.
and they are backed by a lie, they have a right to be there because they were there before, and they want sympathy, so they use the fact that they were in the dark ages for quite some time.
and Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, and most of the countries in Europe and supporting it…
and they want it to happen, they want to make United States to be a poor country and the European are supporting it by giving the French money to bring the United States down, because we have been a great nation for quite some time now and they dont want any more people going to the United States…
and we didnt see it coming and we had no idea what hit us…
wouldnt you go fight them? and destroy them? and take back the land what is rightfully ours?
because its your land and they are occupying it.
i mean they gave it to us, right? its in history books, but they say that all the history books we have are liars, and they burn all our history books…
wouldnt you be mad at them? wouldnt you want to fight them?
and who would you blame more, the european countries or the French?
well, if you got mad at this, you just felt how the palestines feel. Now you know how the palestines feel. Now you know what the palestines go through every day.

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