I still believe God does everything for a reason!

I believe God does everything for a reason.
We humans are just too blind to see it right now.

One reason I picked french over spanish was because spanish is a stupid language. jk.

even though french is not used much today, i still like it…
i learned to love french and love the culture there

i was always asking myself why did i move to peurto rico?
If u don’t know, in peurto rico, they speak spanish.
i didnt pick spanish up as fast as my sister did.
so i decided to hate the lanuage and not persue it.
God was pushing me away from spanish.

so my freshmen year of high school, i started out in latin,
when mom found out it was a dead lanuage, i changed my mind,
thanks to my mom.
so i went to french because i had no other choice but german and spanish.
i didnt like that i chose french until i met phil in my class…
well we didnt actually meet, but thats a different story.

so last semster, i racking my brain, trying to figure out why was i not accepted because i believed there was a reason.

And now I finally know what the reason is…
If I had taken french 203, I would have taken it last semester, and would never have met richard.
Richard taught me to love myself, something I have been struggling with for years and years.
I believe God wanted me to meet him and that was why I dropped math and ended up 3 credits short and had to stay the whole semester at home.

There might be something else, something even bigger, but that’s all I could see right now…

i was in wisconsin for my senior year and for my first year of college…
and so my senior year, i was applying for colleges and my guidance counselor just mentioned i could go to university of wisconsin – madison (the best college in the state) if i get 24 transferable credits in the university of wisconsin-waukesha. i applied there.

and later i wanted to apply to university of wisconsin -milwaukee.
i got into waukesha, but not milwaukee and i was sad i didnt get into milwaukee. so i went to waukesha.

summer came and i decide to take classes in waukesha to be able to transfer them to wvu.

i met an egyptian professor 3 months before his class that i took during the summer and he was nice and want me to take up his class. so he was giving a class during the summer.

i knew nothing about the class, but i said what the hey, i will take it anyway. the class was sociology 101 and i just fell in love with the class. its my major right now.

so now i know why i went to waukesha and not milwaukee and very grateful to God, too.

i believe God wanted me to pick sociology as a major and that’s why i went to waukesha instead of milwaukee. i still can’t see why but i still believe theres a reason.

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