Give Me Respect!

its true! so true! so true!

i have always wondered why God put the rule:
women have to wear the scarf

i finally found out why…

u know how shuttles have the machine where it takes the money or the id
well when i was going through the machine…
my backpack is so huge… and i almost got stuck in the machine…
sounds funny i know… but it did happen…
this guy was passing by and saw me and he asked me if i was ok….
and i said yes and nodded…
i didnt have to say that i was muslim or anything…

people respect you more if you have the scarf on then if u dont
guys dont think you are sex objects if you have the scarf on
guys are not likely to call you a slut or a hoe if you have the scarf on
guys are not distracted from their work if you wear the scarf
you get treated like a person rather than a lady, if you wear the scarf
if you hide your stuff, it entices the imagination… instead of it being all there,
you have some imagination…

its so true! people respect you more if you wear the scarf!


2 Responses to “Give Me Respect!”

  1. multiculturalwannabe Says:

    I don’t agree with you. It’s the values in the society that teach guys not to respect women without a scarf. In many societies, guys learn from their friends and others that girls without scarf are bad girls.
    If someone want to wear hijab, it is up to her, if it’s voluntarily. But I’m against enforcement and that a society can condemn a woman if she doesn’t wear it.
    I just support freedom to chose. If you want to wear a veil – you should have the right to do it. But if you don’t want, then you should be respected for that as well.

    Hanna, 20 years old, Sweden

  2. sweetangel16175 Says:

    and where do they get that ideas, think about it…
    condemn? why the heck would they condemn the people who wear scarves.

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